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Just came back from a trip to Spain/Portugal. The Portuguese part was organized and serviced by Oleg from the Gold Prestige Tours. Have to say, forget what you think of as a regular travel agency. The fact that Oleg is a professional goes without saying: always punctual, dressed appropriately, car clean and in excellent condition. Now beyond, two factors that stood out: (1) he listens to your personal interests/preferences/expectations for the trip and picks the guides that are best suitable and, further, instructs the guides to your directives (e.g., I want to see cathedrals, I do not want to see another Roman wall); and (2) unless you want otherwise, Oleg offers to show you the real Portugal, not just the touristy places everyone goes to. He will hit the major places (so you can have a photo to prove it) and then show you the ones that are special and not on the usual travel agency itinerary. Oleg was always flexible to modified our schedule to suit our wishes, e.g., he took an alternative route to bring us to a restaurant that served the dish we told him we wanted to try. He knows Portugal and provides incredible service. Too many experiences to go in to, very special.