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Tour “From spies to kings” (Cape Roca, Sintra, Lisbon Riviera)

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From spies to kings:

Cascais – Cape Roca – Sintra

Journey to the end of the Earth: Cape of Roca and Sintra


The Greater Lisbon area includes not only the capital, but also the most picturesque suburbs – Cascais, Estoril and Sintra, which we invite you to visit during a busy one-day tour.

After leaving the hotel, we will go to the resort area of ​​Estoril, where for hundreds of years, noble families and celebrities from around the world like to spend their vacations. We will find out where the spies met during the World War II and why one of the films about James Bond was shot here.

We will pass along the fortress of Cascais and find out why the penultimate Portuguese king so loved to spend time here. We will take pictures with spectacular views from the cliff of the Devil’s Mouth. Through the most expensive residential area of ​​Portugal, through the protected area of the national reserve we will go to the sandy beach of Gincho, a favorite place among the Portuguese for weddings and surfing.

The next stop is “the place where the earth ends and the sea begins,” as Luis de Camoens, the famous Portuguese poet, wrote. Cape Roca is the westernmost point of continental Europe, which impresses with the beauty of nature and the Atlantic Ocean.

We will continue to admire the diversity of nature, when driving through the enchanted forest of Sintra, we will find out who and why left huge boulder stones here. Lord Byron called this city “the glorious Eden.” And indeed, Sintra is a paradise on earth, a sacred place where once a goddess lived, and later the Moors settled and built the Moorish fortress that still stands on the top of the mountain. Sintra was also the residence of kings with its closest circle – the richest and most famous families of the country, as well as it attracted tycoons from all over the world. Therefore, nowadays Sintra is a city with palaces, estates and magnificent parks with a rich collection of plants and trees from five continents.

Some palaces are abandoned, some were renovated as hotels, and some are open as museums. We chose the two most interesting of them for visiting – the Palace of Pena and the estate of Regaleira. Pena Palace is a former monastery destroyed by an earthquake and rebuilt by King Ferdinand and Queen Maria II for get-away from city affairs and recreation. We will be able to learn more about the royal life and see there the personal belongings of the last royal family, which had to flee the country after the overthrow of the monarchy.

Next, we will move to the historic center of Sintra, where you can lucnh in a cafe or restaurant with a history (if desired). Sweet heads also have the opportunity to taste national pastries with almonds in an old cafe that has kept a secret of their production for over 150 years.

Further, we will visit the estate of Regaleira, built by the billionaire and free mason that has become a reflection of his views on life and impresses with a park with a labyrinth of underground tunnels, waterfalls, lakes and grottos. We will have the opportunity to pass the Masonic initiation rite by descending into the underground well for the sake of the soul’s rebirth.


Excursion is car-pedestrian


Tour duration: 8 hours
4 Hours

Included in the Tour

  • guides *
  • business Class Vehicle with Driver
  • start of the Tour from your Hotel/Apartment
  • fully Customized
  • civil liability insurance for all passengers
  • bottled water
  • * in case of guiding tour


NOT Included in the Tour

  • entrance Tickets
  • meal
  • tasting

 * unless specified otherwise in tour description



To take with yourself

  • convenient footwear
  • sunglasses and sun protective cream
  • cash
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We are going to:

  • Estoril
  • Casino Estoril
  • Cascais
  • Fortress of Cascais
  • Cliff of the Devil’s Mouth
  • Gincho Beach
  • Cape Roca
  • Enchanted forest of Sintra
  • Historical center of Sintra
  • National Palace of Sintra
  • Palace of Pena
  • Regaleira Palace




Cape Roca

Gincho Beach

National Palace of Sintra

Pena Palace

Regaleira Palace

Cliff of the Devil's Mouth

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