Tours on the Azores islands

Tours in the English language on the Azores


The name of the islands is most likely derived from the outdated Portuguese word “azures”, which literally means “blue”.

Discover a fascinating and unforgettable the Azores island


The archipelago consists of islands of volcanic origin. The active Pico volcano (2351 m) is the largest peak in Portugal.


In the Azores you can engage in eco-tourism, beach and active recreation (diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc.)


Tour to the western part of the island of San Miguel

Let’s start a busy day with a visit to pineapple plantations, where you can also try the national pineapple liqueur.

Next, we will stop at the Carvão observation point to enjoy the view of the central part of the island. A short drive will take us to the famous observation platform with the chic name “Royal View”. During a good weather, the view is definitely royal: it is one of the seven recognized natural wonders of Portugal, namely the Blue and Green Lake.

Further we will descend in a valley of Cete Cidades, or a valley of Seven cities. Here you can leisurely enjoy a break for a cup of tea or coffee, or go to the local shop for souvenirs.

In the northern part of the island, in the area of ​​Mosteiros, we are going to lunch in a restaurant where you can try delicious national dishes of the Azores.

After lunch, we will go to the central part of the island of San Miguel, to the picturesque Fiery Lake, formed on the site of the crater of the volcano.

Duration of the tour is 8 hours.

Tour to Furnas

The tour begins in the southern part of the island with a visit to Vila Franca do Campo, the first capital of the island of San Miguel. Here you will learn more about the history of the Azores, and you can have a cup of coffee.

Then we move on to the most impressive part of the tour, to the Furnas, which is famous as the Grotto Valley. Here you will find a blooming garden with a lake and bubbling hot streams in the depths of a wide crater. Furthermore, we will visit the idyllic park of Terra Nostra, where exotic plants from the tropics and from the cold countries are mixed. Here you will have the opportunity to swim in the pool with water rich in iron and heated by the internal heat of the Earth.

In the afternoon we will visit Caldeiras, in the scorching pair of foundation pits of which the famous national dish “Cozido” is cooked. In the presence of tourists, the cooks extract it from the bowels of the earth and serve for lunch in one of the local restaurants.

After lunch, we will visit the valley of geysers and mineral waters. We will stop at the Pique de Ferro viewing point where you will have an opportunity to take spectacular pictures of the Grotto Valley from a bird’s eye view.

Further, the tour passes through the northern part of the island, where we will visit the Gorenan tea factory, where the only tea in Western Europe is produced. Let us stop at the observation deck of Santa Iria, from where a magnificent panorama of the northern coast of the island opens.

Tour to the Lake of Fire

Before going to the Lagoa do Fogo, or the Lake of Fire, we can visit (except Saturdays and Sundays) a ceramic factory where you can not only learn about the production technology of traditional Portuguese tiles “Azulejo”, but also participate in the process yourselves.

Then we will have to cross the mountain road in the direction to Lagoa do Fogo and explore the island from a height of 900 meters. Here you can take photos of the magnificent views, as well as, if desired, swim in the pleasant water on the beach, recognized as one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal.

Further, we will go to the north and stop in the province of Ribeira Grande, which is famous for its black and white basalt architecture. We will visit the hot springs in Ribeira Grande and have lunch at a local restaurant with a national cuisine.

After lunch, we will visit the church “Estrela”, an ethnographic museum and explore the city. Then we will return to Ponta Delgada.

Tour to the Northeast of San Miguel Island

We leave Ponta Delgada to admire the northern coast of the island, drive past typical local villages and take beautiful photos on viewing platforms with charming views of the northeastern part of the island of San Miguel.

We will arrive in the city of Nordeste, where, by your choice, you can either try national cuisine in a local restaurant or enjoy a picnic on the observation platform “Ponta da Madrugada”.

We will return to Ponta Delgada through the picturesque first settlements of the island, Agua Retorta and Povoação, through the Grotto Valley of Furnas with its blooming nature, the cleanest lake and hot springs, and across the southern coast of the San Miguel island.

Bathing in the hot ocean

Each part of the island of San Miguel can offer something special, and bathing in the hot ocean can become one of the most memorable and unusual points of your stay. You should plan and include this activity in your program in advance.

Tour to Faial da Terra

We leave Ponta Delgada and go to the southeastern part of the island, to a settlement called Faial da Terra. We will visit the village of Sanginnho, abandoned in the early 70s. We stroll through the forest, rich in exotic vegetation from five continents. In the middle of the trip we will stop at the “Salto do Prego” waterfall, where you can swim in the forest lake.

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