Half Day Tour

Horseback riding tours and lessons


We invite you to spend a wonderful day at the riding school.


The horse walking program consists of an introductory familiarization with safety equipment, followed by a small master class on horse control and the ride itself.

Horseback riding is carried out in groups and individually along the scenic route near Cascais or along the coast and is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders who already have riding experience.

Horse walks imply a quiet walk in step for beginners where you can admire the beautiful scenery and nature, and the possibility of walking in combination with a lynx for riders with experience.

If you wish, you can conduct additional horse riding training with an instructor.

For children from 8 to 11 years old, a special equestrian program has been developed, including training and various games.

For confident riders are offered 4-8 hour horse trips to the most beautiful places of the coast!

Horse walking is a great way to relax, charge positive, and have a nice time communicating with friends or family.

For couples, it can also be a very romantic surprise gift: you can take a walk towards the end of the day and enjoy the beauty of the mesmerizing sunset on the coast with a glass of beautiful Portuguese wine.


Various programs and types of rides are possible – write to us, we are in touch!


working hours 8:00-20:00

Tour duration: 12 hours


  • horse and ammunition
  • instructor *

* in case of guiding tour


NOT Included

  • instructor
  • meal
  • tasting

* unless specified otherwise in tour description



To take with yourself

  • convenient footwear
  • sunglasses and sun protective cream
  • cash
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